Friday, July 5, 2013

Daily Double Double Header: 6 & 7

The sketchbook as closed for the holiday yesterday.

Yesterday's prompt: Draw one of the American Founders.

Yesterday's drawing:

Of course, I went with my go-to American Revolutionary, the radical Tom Paine. I did a pencil sketch and then inked it on tracing paper; it came out okay, except his eyes got a little crazy in the inking. I used this image as a reference: 

This makes him look more like Judd Hirsch than mine does.

From the files:

This is some generic guy. I think I was playing with shadows. I don't like it very much.


Today's prompt: Draw a page full of ears.

Today's drawing:

Funnily enough, the guy who taught the cartooning class I took years ago went on an on about ears - particularly the Marvel Comics house style on ears, which he called "How to Draw Ear Squiggles the Marvel Way," playing on this. With these sketches, it seems to me the more detailed it is, the less it says "ear."

 From the files:
Another generic guy, but he has an ear showing, anyway.

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