Monday, July 8, 2013

Daily Double 9

Today's prompt: Draw an opera house

Today's drawings: 

So first I had to find an opera house. A Google image search brings back mostly the one in Sydney, but then I recalled my favorite opera house.

The Opera House on Eureka, Nevada. I'll blog someday about my visit to Eureka. Anyway, I overlaid a grid on it, as I did with the Model T drawing, and did a pencil sketch.

After I had the pencils, I wanted to try my hand at inks. My first effort was with a Copic Sketch 110 - I guess it's an artist's pen, or a pen-brush. I have zero confidence in trying a real ink brush; using the fat end of this tool is a far as I go. 

I tried to control the line weight but I am not sure how successful I was. I do like the fluidity of it; good for the impressionistic style I was aiming at.

Then I tried with a straight edge and a fine felt-tip, just to see the difference.

I didn't try to do an architectural rendering; it's still pretty impressionistic, just more geometric.

From the files: Nothing from the files today.

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