Wednesday, September 9, 2015


This could have just as easily been posted on Epicurus, but since it involves my "art" it goes here.

I am leaving Cascadia College after having taught at the school since 2004 and entering the tenure track in 2007. As I was cleaning out my office, I ran across this doodle I made at some meeting or other of my tenure cohort  - the faculty who all began the process at the same time and shared the review process.

I was a kilt-wearin' man then - it was sort of a trademark - and that's me on the left. Reading to the right are Natalie, Erin, Robyn, Yuko, and Danielle. For some reason, I did not include Lisa - perhaps I was interrupted by, y'know, actual work or something.

For comparison, here's an actual photo of the cohort at the tenure ceremony - the leis were courtesy of Coco, the Wonder Wife.

From the left, that's Lisa, Robyn, Erin, President Bill, Natalie, me, Danielle, and Yuko.

Best cohort ever.