Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer's out, school's in

So, I am old enough to remember when freshman beanies - the little cap that first-year college students were required to wear - was an immediately recognizable symbol in movies and on television, if not a common practice. And since in the context of the Hat Tip® program I have created a little structure for myself and my art exercises, I am designating myself a freshie in my own College of Cartooning Knowledge, and here's me in my beanie:

The college curriculum comprises self-directed daily activity in the course book, How to Draw Everything by Gillian Johnson. This large-size paperback contains 127 pages of tips, exercises, activities, and prompts. I plan to work through a few pages every night; I'm not sure the results will always make it here to TNG, but any more-or-less finished piece will, and any separate piece that the exercises inspire. Or so we can hope, anyway. If this goes well, we may take another stab at Drawing Words and Writing Pictures - which is actually designed to be a course. Here goes nothin'.

And for those of you who  have no idea what I am talking about with that beanie stuff: