Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mind the gap

So, you find yourself starting out on a creative endeavor, let's say drawing for example. And your best work to date is this:

a sketch of mine from about 1988

It's hard enough to move forward when you know people, such as a former writing student of yours, who are capable of stuff like this:

 Art by Patrick Connors. Man, you need a website dude.

I mean, that bar looks pretty high already, right? But then you click on a link that takes you stuff like this...

 This is a pencil drawing. Check out other mind-blowing images here.

... and you might wonder why you should even start. Then you remember something that you heard on the radio:

It was Ira Glass from This American Life.

I guess when it comes to art, I have a long gap ahead of me. Let's hope this summer closes it a little bit.

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